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Welcome to dB Masters Multimedia

dB Masters Multimedia provides audio, video and web production consulting services for small and medium sized business. In addition to providing some free/inexpensive downloadable web scripts and tools to make life easier for non-technical people to survive in a technical world.

In today's business climate, one can not survive without a web site. People now search the web more than the phone book or newspaper. That also means that web site must be visible on search engines. The average business owner does not have time to micro-manage such details and it is often best left to the experts. I can be that expert, with experience and successful results in design, usability, development and search engine placement, I can handle every stage of the process, rather than going from place to place having different people and firms do each stage, making for a difficult, time consuming and expensive project.

Building a successful web presence requires creative, technical and marketing knowledge, when you are looking to start yours, look to dB Masters for help.