Can't get my form to work this time... Pls help?

Having a problem getting my form to work.
It is at:
I've posted other forms that work ok but this one is giving me fits!

Try leaving a required field blank and click ‘Send’.
You get a remark from formmailer but none from this JS.

From the formmailer script:

// General Variables
// options to use if hidden field "config" has a value of 0
// recipient info
// Mail contents config
$subject[0]="Note from hoppernet_info web site ".date("dMY-Hi");
// Send back to sender config
// Result options
// Default Error and Success Page Variables
// Antispam Options

PROBLEM #1: The PHP formmailer is NOT set to check errors-but it DOES.

From the web page:

Function ValidateForm(inputform)
{if( "")
{alert("Please enter your name now.");;
return false;}
{if(inputform.comment.value== "")
{alert("Please enter your comments now.");
return false;}
{if( "")
{alert("Please enter the SUBJECT you want to tell us about.");
return false;}
{if( "")
{alert("Please enter your email address so we can reply to your note.");;
return false;}
{return true;}

It's good to hear from friends...

PROBLEM #2: Does not appear to function-at all.

Problem #1 - the required

Problem #1 - the required field value IS setting it to check fields, so it's working perfectly.

Problem #2 - As I see it, your JavaScript is invalid...the { before all the if statements is likely breaking it.