dB Masters FormM@iler

I have, due to frequent requests, re-released my archived version of FormM@iler. Once, and still, used by thousands of web sites of a personal and small business nature, I've heard from many asking about updating it, so I decided to take it on. I can not promise when the next version will be released, but, I figured the least I can do is provide the old version for now for those that still want to use it.

FormM@iler is an old, but effective, form processing script for PHP driven sites. My future plan is to re-write this script for more modern versions of PHP and utilizing the features that these newer versions allow.

Usage documentation can be found here. Some of it might be a bit out of date, I am currently re-reading and re-writing this years-old script and docs.

You can now download the current (though old) version of FormM@iler on GitHub.

  • User Documentation - could be somewhat out of date right now, I am currently proofreading and editing where necessary.
  • GitHub Repository - last version (around 2010 or so), will be updated as my next project moves along.
To help fund the time involved in this restarted effort, or if you have gotten productive use from FormM@iler over the years, any donation would be most appreciated. $20 earns you the right to remove the dB Masters link from the forms that use the script.