Contacting Me

Specializing in:

  • LAMP Web Application development
  • MySQL database schema design and performance tuning
  • UI/UX design and workflow
  • Search engine optimization
  • Drupal 7 CMS
  • Responsive design and mobile optimization

Experienced with:

  • Microsoft, Apple and Linux Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Office Applications
  • Google Apps
  • Subversion SVN and Git source control
  • Project planning, task assigning and management
  • Advertisement design and targeting
  • Ad publishing, placement and ad-based revenue strategies
  • A wide range of text/code editors
  • MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle databases
  • Audio and video post production and streaming
  • Guitar and bass guitar performance and recording
  • Drum, percussion and beat sequencing
  • Recording session playing, composition, mixing and mastering

Tools, Technologies and Languages

  • PHP
  • SQL
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript (Vanilla, jQuery, a little Angular)
  • CSS3, Bootstrap
  • Responsive Design
  • Crontab and Scheduled Tasks
  • Apache Web Server
  • Text editors ranging from EditPlus to Dreamweaver and everything in-between
  • MySQL Workbench and PHPMyAdmin
  • DirectAdmin Control Panel
  • A number of audio and video mixing and editing tools
  • Any configuration of live sound reinforcement gear
  • Any size stage and group of musicians will get me to rock out

Volunteer Involvement

Google Top Contributor

I am a member of the Google Top Contributor Program, which is a group of people hand selected by Google, as specialists with their products, to work as external consultants and support persons on their forums. It allows us to attend annual expense paid conferences and learn all about the latest tech within Google and use it.

Ancient Free and Accepted Masons

I am a Freemason and manage my Lodge's web site and social media efforts, as well as consulting with the Grand Lodge in Minnesota regarding their digital marketing efforts with their web site and social media.

Rotary International

I manage the load in, load out, stage and lighting crews for the annual fund raising music festival, Lakefront Music Fest, put on by our local Rotary Club, which is two nights of music, attended by thousands each night raising money for the local school district, YMCA and more.

Past Work and Notable Achievements

Improving performance and stability while decreasing costs.

Created the next generation version of a web-based risk analysis tool that consumes financial data from multiple reporting services to provide customers with the ability to monitor their customers for creditworthiness. Hosting costs dropped by 70%, stability improved to nearly 100% and speed increased by triple on the simplest reports, over ten times faster on more complex reports.

Creating a faster ad system with real time ROI reporting for the advertiser.

Designed and developed and very high traffic advertisement publishing system for a large online news publisher, supporting hundreds of thousands of impressions a day with full impression and click analytics through logging and reporting.

More accurate targeting of email campaigns for more effective use of an advertisers budget.

Created an email broadcasting system that queues and sends emails to predetermined demographics from a user database that is millions of rows of users. Demographic choices based on location, age, gender and known personal interests.

Better training, and reporting, for staff, attorneys, and partners, of legal research tools for more effective litigation.

Design and developed a video training system for one of the largest legal publishing firms on earth, including user management, in full hierarchy from those assigning the lessons, to those taking them, including the grading of post lesson quizzes.

Creating safer flights for travelers.

Created a METAR data analysis and VFR reporting system for a major airline in order to have safer flights with a more immediate method of knowing when planes should be grounded, or when planes need pilots with specific non-visual flight training.

Helped small local business grow beyond anything local paper advertising ever had done for them

Was able to build a network of web sites and get search engine rankings in a position where business exploded to the point where he had to upgrade facilities three times, while canceling paper based advertising.

Customers could get from purchase to checkout in half the time

Redesigned the checkout process for an online retailer to make it faster and smoother, and worked it down to half the pages and far less form fields, more logical progression and auto-populating options where applicable. Was later told cart abandonment had dropped by 20%.

Have worked with large search and advertising businesses

Acted as an external consultant and beta tester for both Google and Bing in regards to developing their respective advertising systems, application usability, feature set and enhancements.


Moonshine Prophets - The web site for the local cover band I play with on the weekends. I built the site, maintain the calendar, create the logos, fliers and other promotions.

Home Recording Connection - An online community for home recording musicians I built before social media was a thing...

Lebanon Lodge #346 - The web site for my Lodge including communication with officers, event calendars, dues and other payment acceptance and other useful tools for the Lodge.

Propogandist - A progreessive web app project to consume, compare and contrast news. It's a work in progress as I learn PWA development.

GovNews - Another progressive web app project that consumes news feeds about the goings on in our bloated federal government.

Composing, Recording, Mixing and Performing

For some example of my writing, recording and performing samples, visit my SoundCloud.

Moonshine Prophets

I am currently performing with Twin Cities local cover band Moonshine Prophets, that plays regularly throughout the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.